Proposition C

To develop and execute an earned media strategy to persuade and motivate Missouri voters to support a statewide ballot initiative that would put in place a renewable electricity standard to increase production of clean energy and promote energy independence.

Soapbox promoted to Missouri voters, via statewide and local media, the benefits of clean energy and the need to pass Proposition C in order to spur clean energy development in the state. In addition to Soapbox president Tony Wyche serving as the official spokesman for the Proposition C campaign, Soapbox helped organize media events in key markets, worked to secure endorsements from key editorial boards, coordinated the rollout of key endorsements across the state, and worked with partner organizations to release and promote studies highlighting the benefit to consumers of passing Proposition C.

Proposition C was passed with the support of nearly two-thirds of Missouri voters. Proposition C won nearly every one of Missouri’s 116 voting jurisdictions.