Coalition for a Healthy and Active America

To raise statewide awareness of the problem of childhood obesity, to promote local efforts to combat childhood obesity through increased nutrition education and physical activity, and to increase membership in a year-old coalition of community leaders and elected officials committed to fighting childhood obesity.

Soapbox developed, organized, and executed a statewide program to communicate to parents, educators, and community leaders through their local media and peer groups. Tactics included the placement of op-ed pieces and articles in local newspapers and community web sites, the dissemination of a monthly newsletter to coalition members, the recruitment of new coalition members and partner organizations as a means to further communicate CHAA’s message, and the establishment of relationships with elected officials to help promote CHAA’s goals through leadership and legislation.

CHAA garnered over 100 impressions in media outlets and targeted web sites across Missouri. Additionally, CHAA saw a 25% increase in the number of coalition members; received proclamations from Missouri’s governor, the Mayor of St. Louis and other major cities in the state; and saw the establishment of “Coalition for a Healthy and Active America Day” in the state of Missouri.